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Could Robert Kraft be a Potential Buyer of Newcastle United

A look at an intriguing name in the sporting world, Robert Kraft.

Brazil v Peru: Group B - Copa America Centenario
Kraft hosts a football match at Gillette Stadium
Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

Rumors are swirling over Newcastle United and the prospect of finally selling the club to a new owner. Although this is not the first time many have thought Newcastle would be sold by English billionaire Mike Ashley, it seems to be highly likely to finally happen in the very near future.

Now a familiar name in Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution, is said to be intrigued with the idea of owning an English football club. This isn’t the first time Kraft’s name has been heard in the Premier League either. The 76-year-old was said to be interested in buying Liverpool in 2005 before two American businessmen pulled the trigger a few years later. With a very, very impressive resume for his sports teams let’s review Robert Kraft and his potential impact on Newcastle United.

Robert Kraft had a dream to own a sports team and in 1994, with the highest price ever paid for an NFL franchise at the time of $172 million, his dream was recognized. The purchase of the Patriots started a major turning point with the franchise almost immediately. To put it in perspective the impact Kraft made, the upcoming season was sold out; Sold out for the first time in its existence. And every home game since then has been sold out, including every home playoff game. A truly significant turn-around for a franchise that almost relocated before the record buyout. Kraft’s ambitions to own a sports franchise did not just end there. A few years later, the New England Revolution were founded in the MLS, with Kraft as the principal owner.

2014 MLS Cup - New England Revolution v Los Angeles Galaxy
LA Galaxy Owner pictured with Robert Kraft
Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Now let’s bring Newcastle into the picture. Although it has been a few years since Kraft has successfully bought a sports team, Newcastle United should peak Kraft’s interest, as it wouldn’t be the first soccer team he has owned. With a price tag of around 380 million pounds, this would be Kraft’s most expensive venture, but not out of reach by any means.

There are some positives to having Kraft as an owner with the first one being winning. Kraft is no stranger to winning and will not stop at any point to do so. This, for New England Sports fans, is what Kraft has brought to the table since day one. His passion for success has brought him to the point where he is today, owning one of the greatest sports franchise in American football history. In addition to this, he has really changed the brand of New England sports. What was once a laughable sports team is now a prestigious symbol of winning and sometimes even dominance. He was the reason for the development of what once was a bankrupt stadium to what is now a complex of stores and facilities worth millions. Something that Kraft could push for again at Newcastle.

Now with that being said, there are also things to be cautious of. Is having Kraft as an owner what Newcastle fans and supporters need? Not necessarily. In fact, having Kraft could put Newcastle in the wrong direction from the start.

Newcastle United v Barnsley - Sky Bet Championship
Where would Kraft be sitting if he were to buy the team?
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

While talking to BBC Sport, Kraft said “I like to win at whatever I do. But without a salary cap I’m concerned that we might be at a disadvantage.” Kraft’s unfamiliarity with proper spending in English football could cause him to be very stingy right off the bat. With hopes that Benitez will be with Newcastle in the long run, this is an important aspect for the team. As Newcastle already has trouble with funding for prospective transfers, the last thing we want is uncertainty from our new owner right from the beginning. Uncertainty that could mirror that of Mike Ashley. Exactly what we are hoping to get rid of.

Would Newcastle even have Kraft’s full attention? At least with Mike Ashley his presence could be seen at home games at St. James’ Park, although it was very rare to get any sort of quote from him. As Kraft was and still is a die hard Patriots fan, it would be rare to see him at any games during the American football season, September to sometimes February. Could that be a problem of disconnect between owner and club? Any disconnect could mean the exit of Rafa Benitez or any other manager for that matter.

Apart from these negatives and the fact that one of his Super Bowl rings is on display in the Kremlin, Kraft is a very interesting potential buyer of the Toon. Something that Mike Ashley could consider. But Robert Kraft or no Robert Kraft, Ashley needs to get a deal done to ensure that Newcastle is put in the hands of someone who is ready to finance our victories.


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