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Thursday’s Toon Talk: How Much is Newcastle Worth?

A few days away from our Burnley match, lets look at some news.

Newcastle United v Crystal Palace - Premier League
Shelvey being Shelvey
Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

As we continue to prepare for our match against Burnley, let’s take a look at some news around the league!

Matt Ritchie explains how his set pieces have been so vital to the team as three of the match winners have come from corners. The secret? Preparation says Ritchie. (Mag)

The Chronicle has an in depth analysis of how much Newcastle is presumably worth. Using different methods, there are a few different numbers that come out and they may surprise you. (Chronicle)

Joe Prince-Wright of NBCSN previews the match against Burnley. He is impressed with Newcastle and believes they will be the ones who come out with 3 points, with a 1-0 win. (NBCSN)

Paul Merson finally picks Newcastle to win this week... but is that a good thing? The so-called football expert has been predicting a Newcastle loss for every week (last week he predicted a draw). Newcastle has been thriving despite this. Should we be worried if he picks us to win this week? Maybe a little if you’re superstitious. (Sky Sports)

Around the Premier League

The money that is generated through overseas television has been a controversial talking point recently. As it is supposedly equally distributed throughout the teams, bigger market clubs like Chelsea and Arsenal have a problem. Should the money be distributed equally? Many fans across America probably aren’t tuning in to NBCSN in the morning to watch Huddersfield or Bournemouth but rather to see Manchester City and Tottenham dominate the pitch. An agreement hasnt been reached and it may take a while to find one. (BBC Sport)