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Friday’s Toon Talk: Zlatan and Pogba are Match Fit

A look at news around the Premier League

It’s finally Friday! One more day until our match against Manchester United. Let’s look at some news across the Premier League.

BBC outlines our upcoming game at Old Trafford with match facts and what we should expect. Check it out! (BBC)

Sammy Ameobi discusses his relationship with Rafa Benitez and his position at Newcastle United. It’s a very honest Ameobi and an interesting read. (Chronicle)

Michael Owen believes Newcastle will absolutely thrive under new ownership. Something to get excited about yet again... when will Ashley sell the club? (Daily Mirror)

Looks like both Zlatan and Paul Pogba are fit for tomorrow... not exactly the best news to hear. Newcastle will have their hands full if they see playing time. Unfortunately, it is more than probable they will be selected. (BBC)

Around the Premier League

Saturday Night Football? The Premier League could have boosted their airing of night games for the up coming season. (The Sun)