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PCP Officially Bids £300 Million for NUFC [Updated]

It’s happening

After weeks of speculation Amanda Staveley and her company - PCP Partners - has officially submitted a bid for Newcastle United.

It’s long been reported that PCP valued that club at £300 million, although Ashley’s valuation is reportedly closer to £400 million. Hopefully, this is something that can be figured out during the next few weeks if proposed talks do begin shortly. Here are some other people close to the club confirming the news for your reading enjoyment.

Whatever Ashley’s valuation is, it does seem like he really wants out of the club once and for all. Hopefully, that and what seems like a very fair offer from PCP will be enough. For now, let us all post a bunch of GIFs and wait for the club’s response.

Update: (9:50 PM BST) - An hour after the initial leak local reporters tweeted about the bid being less than £300 million. Reuters then said PCP offered to pay a lump sum figure, or a smaller initial amount with future payments made depending on performance. As some have said, Ashley is unlikely to accept that. Nonetheless, it’s good to know an official bid has been made and PCP are serious about buying the club. Time to prepare for what will likely be a long few weeks of negotiations.