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Tuesday’s Toon Talk: Ashley Rejects Bid

Another day, another Toon Talk.

After Staveley submits a bid, Mike Ashley denies it. An interesting start to our day... Let’s jump into the rest of the news.

Elijah Newsome discusses Ashley’s decision to reject Staveley’s initial bid. Should we be worried? Or is this expected? (CHN)

If you want to read about the initial breaking of Staveley’s bid, Our Brad Mitchell has some information on that as well. (CHN)

An important point in Staveley’s bid is the relegation clause. This clause relies on Newcastle staying above the relegation line. Sky News discusses it here. (Sky News)

How much do you think Ashley is wanting Staveley to improve on her group’s deal? (Chronicle)

A second group could be in the running with Staveley in the purchase of Newcastle United. (ESPN FC)