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Monday’s Toon Talk: Newcastle Loses 4 Straight

After a disappointing loss, let’s look at the news across the Premier League.

Newcastle has a quick turnaround after their 3-0 loss against Watford as they play tomorrow. Let’s look at the news across the league.

If you missed the game, consider yourself lucky. But here’s our recap of what was possibly the worst performance this season. (CHN)

Are you interested in seeing what Rafa Benitez had to say about our latest loss? Here’s a link. (Chronicle)

Is Luke Shaw on his way to Newcastle? A possibility of a season loan could be in store. (Mirror)

The Chronicle selects the lineup for tomorrow’s match up against West Brom Albion... do you agree with who they have chosen? Very important question as Rafa’s selection against Watford was very questionable. (Chronicle)

Around the Premier League

Check out Sky Sports’ grades for this past weekend’s action. Newcastle received a C, a surprising grade after a 3-0 loss. They had this to say:

Short and sweet. (Sky Sports)