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Thursday’s Toon Talk: When Will Merino be Back?

A look at news across the league.

International break can be boring so let’s look at some news across the Premier League!

Miguel Almiron, a name you might not be familiar with. Our David Hatch breaks down the Paraguayan MLS star and his potential move to Europe. (CHN)

An update for Mikel Merino and Jamaal Lascelles? Rafa Benitez gives us some much needed information on that topic. (Chronicle)

Is there a new keeper on Benitez’s radar? A look at Cillessen from Barcelona and Rulli from Real Sociedad. (HITC)

Paul Pogba could be fit for our match against Manchester United. A huge plus for their midfield while whoever steps in for Mikel Merino will possibly have their hands full. (Chronicle)

Across the Premier League

Scoring goals in the Premier League is changing year to year... a surprising trend! (Sports Illustrated)