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Mike Ashley, Amanda Staveley, and Curry

The pair met face-to-face in a London curry shop Wednesday night

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Amanda Staveley with Richard Desmond after the meeting.

After weeks of agonizing silence and reports of impending doom, the mood around Newcastle’s takeover has improved suddenly. There was no real indication a takeover was on the rocks, but Mike Ashley and Amanda Staveley meeting over curry is a welcome sign to all. The pair and a few others - including mutual acquaintance Richard Desmond - met in London Wednesday night and LEFT SMILING. Desmond even did TWO fist pumps after leaving the meeting. (Just doing my best British tabloid impression). And best of all, the curry house in question - Paradise - looks surprisingly affordable considering the quality of food.

While this is good news, it’s not looking likely deal will be done by or in January, according to George Caulkin

While that’s unfortunate, the key here is getting rid of Ashley and injecting some hope into the club. Besides, it’s just a belief, we don’t know how far along negotiations really are. What’s become clear during this whole saga is the media - national or regional - are not that clued into the sale. In the last few weeks we’ve been told a deal is in doubt, Staveley has given a two week ultimatum, and that a sale would be confirmed three weeks ago. They obviously know snippets, but most of this has played out behind closed doors, whether they’re doors leading to boardrooms or curry shops.

Mike Ashley only owns one outfit

Who knows, if a deal isn’t possible until February maybe there’s a chance Staveley and PCP Partners can still fund some January transfer business. At the very least, the pair have shown a willingness to get a deal done, which some have doubted over the past month. Despite the poor run recently there is reason to be optimistic Newcastle will soon be a club run with ambition.