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Rafa Benitez was targeted by China

The Newcastle United boss has seen a lucrative deal from a Chinese club to lure him away from England.

Newcastle United v Aston Villa - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

The deal, as reported by The Mirror, is a sizable one. I wish I was making in a year what they offered him in a week...

Benitez was targeted by Chinese clubs, but who isn’t nowadays. I’m a terrible football player and I guarantee that they would overpay for my services. I really need to go to China. The price he was offered for his services was around £600,000 a week. This would make him one of the highest paid managers in history.

That’s around £30m a year, and that’s just a ridiculous amount of money. With Rafa’s time with Newcastle United seemingly in doubt, is it possible that he could ditch the club for more money in the East?

There have been articles upon articles written about China’s quick rise to competing on a very difficult financial stage. Some fantastic managers have seen themselves get sucked into the money that China offers. Andre Villas-Boas being one of the top names to have made the move to the East.

One of Benitez’s prime reasons for remaining with Newcastle United is the proximity to his family. He also has a sincere connection to the fans that we did not have with our past three managers.

According to the Mirror, Benitez was very upset over the January transfer window in which the club made no new signings. This frustration has made its way to China, who can offer him a budget to make any signings he wants. But money is nothing if the competition isn’t good. And Benitez won’t be making any blockbuster deals that matter in China. There is no Champions League honor, and winning the Premier League is one of the highest achievements a footballer and manager can get.

I do not see Benitez making a move to China. However, that doesn’t mean he’s going to stick around for the train wreck that is Mike Ashley’s ownership.