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Stealing From Premier League Relegation Candidates: Hull City

Newcastle needs to add some talent, and what better place to look than the teams it could be replacing.

Scotland v Slovenia - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier
Andrew Robertson could be one of the more sought after players in England if Hull is relegated.
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

As Newcastle’s promotional push continues, fans continue to think about which players they could sign for next season. I have seen everything from Wayne Rooney, to Daniel Sturridge to Luke Shaw, but knowing Newcastle, they will be unwilling to splash the cash (as much as I would love to sign Luke Shaw).

Instead, the much more Mike Ashley thing to do would be to look at clubs being relegated from the Premier League and poach players from those teams who want to stay in the top division. Let’s look at the best options from the teams currently in the bottom five of the table. Day three has us looking at Hull City.

Hull City

Probably the name that Newcastle fans will know best from this Hull club is Andrew Robertson. Replacing Paul Dummet is a must at this stage. The 23-year old left back is one of the more sought after left backs in English football right now. He is becoming a regular for the Scottish national team. Liverpool has been linked to him repeatedly and almost moved to Burnley in January for £10 million. If the price is knocked down a little bit with Hull being relegated, then this becomes a much more manageable move for Benitez. Rumors surrounding Hull is that Robertson plans to leave this summer one way or another.

Shout out to my friend Nick for turning me onto this next one. This is a name that Newcastle fans might be a little less familiar with. Sam Clucas is a 26-year-old midfielder who has appeared in 27 of Hull’s 29 games this season. He is most comfortably a left midfielder and while he isn’t a tremendous offensive playmaker, he is a talented winger nonetheless. On top of that, he has an incredible story. Credit to the Daily Mail for publishing this one. From a football standpoint, he would be an upgrade over Yoan Gouffran. This isn’t one to clamor over, but he could be a solid signing on the cheap.

The last name even worth talking about is Harry Maguire. He is a 24-year-old centre back who could come pretty cheap if Hull go down. He has made 22 starts for the club between the Premier League and the League Cup this season. He wouldn’t be an every match starter, but he would fit nicely into the rotation as a sturdy defender. He is far from my favorite option, but he could be a decent piece for United to pick up.

That’s all from Hull. Unfortunately, as we move further down the table, the options become increasingly worse. There are no Gylfi-Sigurdsson-type players down at the bottom of the table. Remember to check back in tomorrow to see which Middlesbrough players I think Newcastle should sign.