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Why I’m a Newcastle United fan

In celebration of our rebrand, let’s look back at why we’re fans in the first place.

TAC Flag After Match
Toon Army Chicago's international travelers after Arsenal (away): Jonty (left), myself (center), Brian (right)

There’s a lot of reasons to be a Newcastle United fan; Alan Shearer, Sir Bobby Robson, the brilliant fanbase, St. James Park, and the club’s success in late 90s early 2000s. Newcastle United is among the most storied clubs in the Premier League (we can say that now) and it all comes down to the amazing fanbase that is unrivaled in professional sports.

I’m a fan of many teams. The Baltimore Orioles, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Los Angeles Kings, and the Atlanta Hawks. While Philadelphia is pretty close in loyalty, I believe that Newcastle United fans are the most loyal in sports, I mean, just look at those attendance numbers.

I first heard about the club when I was very young and didn’t watch football. My mother had family friends who lived in the United Kingdom, and that’s all I knew, not paying attention that they lived in Newcastle. They would send Newcastle United gear like a backpack, scarf, a pin, and others, as gifts to me. I didn’t know what the team was, or what sport they played. As I grew older and began watching football more regularly, I remember hearing about how passionate those family friends were about Newcastle United.

A passionate fanbase was all I needed to convince me that I should follow Newcastle and never look back. Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From relegation to promotion, to relegation again. And we just got promoted. But throughout that time, I’ve noticed something phenomenal about the club.

We fans never give up on loving our club.

What’s not to love about a team like that?