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Newcastle United vs Today’s Premier League: Tottenham

In our new series, we’re looking at how Newcastle compares to its Premier League counterparts.

This is how the 2016-2017 Championship side Newcastle would fair against the 2016-2017 Premier League.
General Views of UK Sporting Venues Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

If you watched our CHN Live video, you may have heard that we had a new series planned. Kicking off today, we’re writing about how Newcastle United would have fared against today’s Premier League clubs. Let’s get going!

With promotion guaranteed, we have a unique opportunity to look at how this year’s Newcastle United may have performed against today’s Premier League. I’ll be looking at Tottenham.

Newcastle United ended their season last year with a strong win against Tottenham despite having already been handed relegation a couple games prior. However, this season, Tottenham was hot and while they won’t walk away from this Premier League season champions, they certainly have blown everyone out of the water.

Defensively, Tottenham would defeat Newcastle United. With the fewest goals against, Tottenham has the highest goal differential in the Premier League. This is against strong opponents. Newcastle United comparatively has 40 goals against so far, against Championship opponents.

Newcastle does have the second fewest goals against, but if you were to put this defense up against a Premier League team, I’m not sure how well they would shine.

Offensively, it’s hard to compare. Defense in the Premier League compared to the defense in the Championship is different. The play is scrappier in the Championship, and offense often has a lot of opportunities to capitalize on. But when it came to taking those chances, Newcastle is king.

With 84 goals scored currently, Newcastle has been the most prolific club in front of the net by far. The same goes for Tottenham in the Premier League. Both these clubs have some of the best offense in their respective leagues.

There are questions about Dwight Gayle’s ability translating to the Premier League. And with Tottenham’s above and beyond defense, I believe that Newcastle’s offense would struggle. The club would certainly get a goal by them, but to get a victory would be challenging.

As much as I love Newcastle United, I’d hand both games over to Tottenham, who only has three losses on record this season.