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Mirror: Kenedy to join Newcastle on loan

Notable fan of China to join on season-long loan

Kenedy, whose most recent achievement has been pissing off an entire nation, is set to join Newcastle on a season-long loan. The Mirror is reporting it’s already a done deal and it’s no surprise Chelsea were ready to send him out on loan. Kenedy’s best position appears to be on the left wing, but has also played at wing back and left back in the past. He made one league appearance on loan to Watford last season, but was mostly injured.

A winger didn’t really seem like a priority for Newcastle, with four looking likely to get big minutes this season. A key reason could be Rolando Aarons’ injury issues, he’s threatened to break into the first team a few times over the last three seasons before suffering long-term injuries. It’s possible he’s seen as competition for Paul Dummett, but he’s largely inexperienced at the back. Whatever role he’s deployed in, it would be disappointing to see him get minutes over a healthy Aarons.

Ultimately, assuming this is true, it will just be nice to see another new face in the squad. The lack of money available for Rafa has been an issue all summer, and this is another example. Unless Mike Ashley or Justin Barnes decides to completely change who they are and how they operate, it’s likely we’ll see mostly loans or loans with a view to buy.