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On Sunday Morning

The time has come

Newcastle United v Barnsley - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

On Sunday morning, children will be singing, their parents will be hoping, and grandparents will be reminiscing. As the fans begin their trip to St. James’ Park, they will pass the beautiful city centre, and those bridges, those beautiful bridges. It will be clear that Newcastle is BACK! Back in the Premier League, the season has truly arrived. The sun will wash over the Gallowgate end and from the top of St. James’ Park, you will see the beautiful streets of Newcastle and a quiet August morning will soon be filled with sounds of Blaydon Races, Rafa Benitez’ name and Coming Home Newcastle.

Countless Supporters will rush to take pictures of Alan Shearer’s statue and Sir Bobby Robson’s of course. Black and White stripes everywhere you look. The smell of Newcastle Brown, Bangers and Mash filling the space between the people. Fans that can’t make the trip will be huddled across TV’s all over the world regardless of what time it is. Nine Sports Bar will be packed, and the gift shop besieged with people purchasing merchandise. These sounds will rise from every corner of this beautiful city in the north of England. It is time.

The Geordies will be out in full force, the men in their lucky kit or Newcastle tops. The women, looking fantastic in black and white. First time match goers will be nervous, excited to see what all the hype and atmosphere is about. Fans both nervous and optimistic. Many fans in replica Newcastle kits, Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley, and Kevin Keegan.

Parents and grandparents will tell stories to their children and friends, stories like “Have you ever seen a mackem in Milan?” The time Tino Asprilla got a hattrick against Barcelona! Those stories turn to talk about our legends. Something about St. James’ Park is magical. A cool breeze will sweep through the city centre, and it will feel right to be in Newcastle. There is no doubt that time has changed this city, from its coal mining beginning to now. Favorite parks have been replaced by concrete. New, bigger buildings have replaced old and outdated landmarks. Faces may stay familiar but they have grown older and the crowds continue to grow larger despite the team’s form. The tradition at Newcastle, however, is unwavering and unaffected. Eternal.

Inside St, James’ Park the day will slowly go by. The sky, beautiful shades of colors over the city. The smell of food and beer will be throughout the park. Scream, cheers, and yells will soon replace the nervous hope of each and every fan, as the most beautiful football kits in the entire world will walk out in gorgeous black and white onto the greenest grass the Premier League has ever seen. This has been the most anticipated moment for months, when all of our hope meets the occasion. The home opening match. Newcastle United vs Tottenham. We have spent what seemed like an endless season waiting to be back to where we belong. We are finally here.

On Sunday Afternoon in Newcastle, the cameras will be out, the stage will be set, and two powerful clubs will begin their Premier League Campaign. The 2017/2018 season has arrived, and the Toon will host the Spurs to open Premier League play.

There will be no lack of excitement. Pre-Match will be loud, Gallowgate Flags will put on a show, every seat of St. James Park will once again be filled. Without a doubt we are excited, so get behind the team and shout three simple words. Howay The Lads!