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Newcastle Season Predictions

It can’t be that bad can it? Take a look at what our writers think.

Newcastle United v Barnsley - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

You will find that all of us think the same about Newcastle’s upcoming Premier League campaign. Read below and then vote on where you think we will finish. Leave a comment too. We like comments.

My Prediction

Newcastle United - 13 I really don’t think this team is going to be in a relegation battle. The Championship was a mentally and physically tough season for these players and while the talent isn't as good, these boys are ready to fight! In all honesty, I would be happy if Newcastle achieved 40 points or more, but I think 13th is a fair finish for them

Relegated: My three victims are

18th Burnley - I will bet on Burnley not keeping that home form up. They will be close to staying up, but Swansea has just enough quality to stay in 17th.

19th Huddersfield - They don’t make sense. On paper last year, I thought they would be relegated from the Championship and here they are. However, A great manager and players that buy into his system will not be enough I’m afraid.

20th Brighton - This team won SO MANY GAMES FROM PENALTIES! Had the most penalty goals in the league last season. I think most fans agree that most of the calls did not warrant a pen either. Luck’s not been on their side in this campaign. I don’t think they’ve done enough this summer, and they finish bottom.

Champions: Manchester City. They are good.. I think their Midfield will dominate the Prem and they will score many many goals.

David’s Prediction

Newcastle United - 12 In the season preview episode of Ringer FC, Ryan O’Hanlon made the prediction that “Newcastle’s going to finish in the top half…if Rafa leaves, put them in [to be relegated].” This prediction left me feeling pretty nauseous, partly because of how extreme it is and partly because I can’t in good faith write it off, at least not in the long-term. I think that, in 2018/19, if Rafa is still in charge, it will mean he has been given the tools with which to succeed in today’s Premier League and we will finish top half, repeating the feat from the last time Newcastle was two seasons removed from promotion. If Rafa is not the manager at the end of this season, I think the season after will see us fighting for our Premiership lives.

This is all a little deeper into the crystal ball than we need to get for right now, so I’ll come back to this season: I think Newcastle will manage to bring in another attacking player, whether Lucas Pérez or someone else, by the end of this window, and the January window will become a massive showdown between Rafa and Ashley on how to manage the transfer market. I think that showdown will be fought to a draw between the two, and Newcastle will finish the season toward the top of the bottom half in 12th, a position that will seem to be more than they deserve based on goal differential.

Champions: I’ve tipped Manchester United to finish tops for three reasons:

1. They added one of the three best goal scorers the Premiership has seen in recent years in Lukaku.

2. Paul Pogba had a supremely unlucky season last year with relation to his advanced metrics, and is unlikely to see another season where he hits post quite so often.

3. Jose Mourinho wins championships in his second seasons.

Relegation: I think Watford will finish bottom after having a truly miserable back half of last season and not doing quite enough to right the ship; Burnley will finish with a similar fate of not doing enough to rectify a poor team; and Bournemouth will fall from the top half down into the relegation zone, suffering the fall that their underlying metrics indicate they have coming.

Elijah with the Hot Take

Newcastle United - 13th The squad is honestly not as bad as fans think it is. Yes there are still positions where we could improve such as Left Back and Attacking Mid, but Rafa Benitez is Rafa Benitez. He simply is a better manager than a lot of managers in the lower half of the table, and we should really only seriously struggle against top 9 sides like Chelsea, Spurs, Everton and the Manchester teams. TV money from the first half of the season ( we are making more in the first month than we did all of last season) should also give Rafa the resources to make some key January signings.

Relegated: Brighton, Huddersfield and Burnley. Brighton and Huddersfield face the same issue Newcastle have faced this window, a lack of TV money which means less signings. The big difference is that they don't have Rafa, and their teams are not as Premier League ready / have the PL experience Newcastle does. As for Burnley, it is surprising they stayed up last year, I expect them to win less games at home and be relegated.

Champions: I'm going to go with Manchester United edging out Man City for the title. Purely because I think Pogba's second season in his return will be so much better, and Lukaku is just a better fit up top for Mourinho.

Brad is pumped for semi-competent competition!!

Newcastle Finish 12: This season all comes down to what happens with Rafa. If he's happy enough to stay after January I think we'll be mid-table. Almost every season in the Premier League a team only needs to be semi-competent to be mid-table or even top half. We have a hungry squad with a great manager, if it stays that way I think we'll finish 12th.

Champions: Man City

Relegated: Swansea, Burnley, Brighton

Alex is confident

Newcastle United - 13th This number could fluctuate, but I do feel tremendously confident that Rafa Benitez and the Mags will easily survive this season. Simply put, the squad is better than the one that went down, we have a world class manager, and the sentiment and attitude of the changing room is massively improved. We will take points off some of the big boys, and take care of business against the Huddersfield's, Brighton's and West Brom's.

Premier League Champions - Manchester City Man City have another season under Pep, and that should be enough, with some healthy players returning and a few key additions, namely Bernardo Silva. Their midfield is absolutely class, possibly the best in the world. Their strike force is second to none, and they've improved their defense with Mendy and Kyle Walker.

Bottom Three - Burnley, Swansea, Huddersfield Burnley relied on home form last year, but were pitiful the second half and lucky to survive. They haven't done enough to strengthen their side. Swansea don't have enough talent, and they might lose Gylfi. I wouldn't trust Abraham to make the jump, and I don't think Paul Clement is the answer at the helm. To be honest, I'm not sure how Huddersfield Town are even here at this point. Far too much pressure, not enough class in their side, they're bottom for sure.

Lastly, were short and sweet with Steve

1. Man City

2. Chelsea

3. Arsenal

4. Man. U

12. NUFC

Relegated: Burnley, Swansea, Huddersfield


Where do you think Newcastle United will finish this season?

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