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Social Media Roundup: Jon No Shelvey

Fact: Jonjo Shelvey has been featured on this site like 3 days in a row

Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
“Oh, you saw that?”
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

This was an exciting week on the social media, we returned to the Premier League, Mike Ashley said some things and Jonjo pulled a Jonjo.

Mike Ashley Sucks

Rafa gave an exclusive video in the middle of last week that shed some light on the current NUFC transfer situation. This got a lot of people pissed off at Mike Ashley, the Transfer market and just life in general!

Here’s Rafa’s interview.

People immediately pegged Rafa as a victim of Mike Ashley’s lies, and also began to blame the market for how ridiculous things have begun.

Then, later on in the week Big Boy Mike was interviewed by Sky Sports and his interview pissed a lot of people off (again).

So, here’s the interview that set a lot of folks off

So yeah a lot of people were pretty upset about MA’s comments. Like all of #NUFC Twitter. One of our writers took the liberty of breaking down the interview for us here. But, for the time being check out what the people had to say.

Yeah, and then there’s this.

The Return of Darth Jonjo

Sunday we played Tottenham, and honestly, everything started off well and then it turned to poop.

Ayoze got everyone excited for another game where he could possibly be featured.

There were even more positives at the beginning of the match, like these cute kids

“You know what” happened, and the Harry Kane tackle on Lejeune made a lot of fans pretty upset.

In the end fans were pretty positive about the result considering everything that happened.

There were even a few laughs from the game.

The biggest takeaway from the match was...

Rafa Making Moves?

After a pretty rough game, NUFC began to be linked to make some moves in the Transfer market. The first one being an intriguing double swoop for two Arsenal players that would solve our attacking issues that we faced in the first game of the season.

If you get it, this is pretty funny.

Then, we were linked to another pair at Arsenal

At this point I should just make up links with Arsenal players

Moving on, somehow were were linked to an old friend again....

This tweet then set up the big news of the past few days.

Like that tweet stated we moved for former Stoke striker Joselu, and eventually we made the signing. Some fans liked it, some fans well... they didn’t

Lee Ryder broke the story of course.

annnnd then twitter reacted

Newcastle eventually announced the signing, and Twitter reacted again.

Some fans have high praise from Joselu, especially Stoke fans.

and then there is this.

and this

annnnd this

Random Happenings

Adam Armstrong had his first start and his first goal! Read all about it in our youth team and loanee report!

no caption needed

Oh, and it was the greatest scorer in PL history’s birthday this past week.

also lol Sunderland. lol Colback

That’s it for this week! Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @ComingHomeNUFC !