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Social Media Update: Mitro is Literally on Fire

Fact: This social media update is literally only from match day

Newcastle United v West Ham United - Premier League
Moves like Jagger
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

This week’s social media update is going to focus only on the dominating performance the lads put in last weekend. There were so many great tweets from fans that we had to spend this entire update on that game alone!


Despite losing our first two games, fans were relatively optimistic about this game and the fans course showed up to SJP in style

Joselu Gets the Ball Rolling

Phil started things off by immediately badmouthing Joselu

Yeah but then minutes later Joselu Scored

So basically Phil owes our whole staff beer

annnnd Greg wants his now

Ciaran Clark Connects With His Cranium

After a solid first half in the eyes of the fans...

Ciaran headed home goal number 2

Some fans (including us) decided to credit Mitro for creating that goal

Mitro’s on Fire (again)

no caption needed

Joe Hart Sucks

Never forget that we wanted to bring this guy in on loan

Merino Impresses

Merino got a lot of the praise and rightfully so, he played an excellent game and even got a chance to hear his chant from the fans

Merino’s chant was revealed and boy is it something

Mikel even responded to the chant after the match, giving it some praise

The Legend is Impressed

Alan Shearer was delighted that NUFC was able to get the win, and he sent his congrats out to the squad.

Gary caught him celebrating mid act!

Post Game Praise

A lot of fans were very optimistic after our in, some maybe a little too optimistic. Alas, there were some negative reactions to keep fans grounded, but overall there was a lot of praise for the lads.

Here we go with the optimism ( a little too much of it )

Luckily we had actual analysis to bring us down to earth.

Then folks came with their valid concerns, hitting on the need for improvement and the fact that West Ham suuuuuckksss.

Finally, there was this expert analysis

This about sums it up

Random Happenings During this Experience

Joselu was met with an interesting reply to his tweet about scoring for his father

Jonas needs to retire here, he’s such a great person. just wow

Oh, and Rob some things are better left unsaid

We all regret tweeting some things, and this West Ham fan surely regrets tweeting this

The only question we have after such an eventful day is...

What the hell is this?