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Social Media Roundup: The Return

Back, and better than ever (probably)

Bradford City v Newcastle United - Pre Season Friendly
He’s on Fire
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

For those of you who are new to the Social Media Round Up, it is exactly what it sounds like. I, Elijah, sift through #NUFC twitter and bring you a collage of the best tweets, hottest takes, and funniest things our fanbase has to offer.

Mitro’s on Fire

To kick off the week, rumors of Andreas Samaris Mikel Merino joining Newcastle were dominating Twitter until Newcastle’s game against Bradford City. That game saw a promising impression made by new signing Florian Lejeune, a promising game from Jacob Murphy (the lad had a brace) and of course the return of the God that is Alexander Mitrovic

First and foremost, the talk of the British soccer world actually did involve Newcastle. A large group of Geordies were in attendance for a Wednesday night game in Bradford. Thus shouldn’t surprise you, but neither should the fact that Sunderland, who played Bradford City the previous Saturday, brought less than half of the fans Newcastle did.

Lejeune has an impressive debut, but most fans did not focus on his solid defending, rather this beautiful flick over a Bradford player

Even though Jacob Murphy had a brace and played a near perfect match, Alexander Mitrovic was the only person on the minds of many fans.

Well except this guy, who was pretty happy with Murphy’s performance.

The Chaos with Mitro started when he was named captain, and it went downhill from there. Literally minutes after being named captain the Serbian Bear scored, and fans reacted just how you thought they would.

aaaaaand then he scored.

I mean some accounts may have gotten a little carried away.

Rafa’s Spanish Armada?

One theme of last week was Spanish transfers. Manquillo of course was the first Spanish signing, then we had the links and eventual signing of Mikel Merino, along with being linked to both Angel Correa and Lucas Perez. Here’s what the fans had to say.

The Merino deal was all but done by the time our match against Bradford started, and everyone knew it. Even Lee Ryder, who does not enjoy being wrong about transfers, was rapidly spewing out information about the Spanish U21 player. The chaos around him began once this tweet by Michael Gladders went viral (only in the Newcastle transfers rumor part of Twitter) showing Merino at a local hospital.

Once that happened, “announce signing” Twitter got to work and began crafting their bombardment of tweets at the official NUFC account. Some actually were pretty funny like this one by Nathan.

Eventually Merino was announced, and that started a whole new wave of jokes about the kid joining the club.

Oh and a couple of days ago he did this...

and there’s this too

As for Perez and Correa, everyone seemed to be excited (even American media), but of course Mike Ashley was Mike Ashley and for now it does not look like either of those signings will happen. One of the more popular accounts on NUFC Twitter : NUFC Index have stated that Newcastle don’t have the funds to meet the asking price for Perez, this sent all of NUFC Twitter into a slump for a morning

and then everyone was sad.

The frustration with transfer activity of recent has now shifted from blaming Mike Ashley to blaming overpaid players who won’t leave the club.

NUFC Index stabbed everyone in the heart a few days ago, NUFC 360 created a sense of optimism when they tweeted about Newcastle possibly approaching the Atletico board for a certain Spaniard.

The thing to note with that tweet is that it is from The Chronicle, who, after their extensive reporting of possible dealings with William Carvalho and Ruben Semedo , have made it a point to only report on things they are almost 100% certain about. Both Lee and Mark have spent the entirety of last week explaining that to fans who were upset that The Chronicle did not break the Merino story first. They refused to say anything about it until Lee had someone from the Club confirm the interest, then the deal with Merino. This paid off for them, as they were the first outlet to have the accurate information on the deal, the weird loan to buy fee involved, and all the other details. If The Chronicle is the source of this news it could very well be something to be excited about, but then again, it is The Chronicle

Either way, all this talk of Newcastle being linked to so many Spaniards in the market has generated some great tweets including this one from Joe.

Other Happenings of the Week

Rafa spent some time with the fans, speaking at a local bar about everything from his life philosophy to transfers. His main point was to remind fans to remain optimistic. Optimism helps the team on and off the pitch.

Throughout the week we got to see some old school goals from classic NUFC greats Alan Shearer and Jermaine Jenas

Some fans still had faith that we would land Batshuayi... I mean whatever floats your boat bro, it ain’t happening.

There was also this tweet, which I won’t even explain lol.

Finally, this past week saw an interesting fan debate. Who would you rather have as your starting keeper.The responses were so unique that we even felt the need to ask our followers!

That’s it for this week, be sure to follow us on Twitter @ComingHomeNUFC and throw us a like on Facebook. Keep tweeting/posting/crying yourself to sleep and maybe you will be featured next week!