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Social Media Roundup: Bryan Becomes Public Enemy #1

Fact: Bryan Nelson doesn’t care what you think

Preston North End v Newcastle United - Pre Season Friendly
Same Rafa, same.
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

We are back with another social media update featuring the best fans in the world (Newcastle fans duh). So, let’s get this party started!

Stadium of Pink

Sunderland kicked off their Championship campaign this past Friday with a game against Derby County. Desperate for football and of course wanting to troll fans on Twitter, NUFC Twitter was watching the game with judgemental eyes.

The big banter from the game was really about how empty the stadium was. It was kind of sad.

Former Sunderland player, and known baby eater, James McLean even decided to comment, but he was absolutely torched by fans in the replies.

James did roast one fan though.


In our first installment site manager Bryan Nelson wrote this. It made a lot of people mad.

Sunderland fans were obviously pretty upset.

“than the huge Newcastle fact” Bud, ya lost me there.

This next one is actually pretty funny lol.

of course Roker Report had to chime in.

Some Newcastle fans were also upset, but for the most part NUFC fans stayed quiet about the issue and continued to share the article on Social Media.

In the end, I hope people realize Bryan doesn’t care what you think.

The Chronicles of Rafa

With more and more reports surfacing that Rafa was “frustrated” NUFC Twitter responded. A lot of big names in NUFC twitter thought the rumors were rubbish and fans look too much into them, others well... they believe what the news tells them.

Here is the tweet that started it all

A lot of people from both sides reacted to the tweet throughout the weekend

The meme to sum it all up, I already talked about this very point a while back. This guy gets it.

Matt with a quality thought to ease the minds of folks who are worried.

If Matt’s tweet didn’t ease your mind, this theory might.

...but wait there’s more. This morning Rafa was headed to the annual Premier league managers meeting and some fans thought he was headed somewhere else.

Lee Ryder, with a classic Lee response to false tweets.

Dan says what we are all thinking at this point.


Reports today of Achraf Lazaar joining the “I don’t want to leave because I am overpaid” squad really set some folk off.

NUFC 360 with the excellent work, breaking the story.

Burnsie was the first to weigh in on the issue, and he wasn’t wrong

MCB with a very fair rebuttal that we “totally rational” fans did not want to hear.

Just lol. I mean Lazaar’s IG stories tell you everything you need to know.

Rafa’s post game press conference was a restatement that in order to bring guys in, some people need to leave.

Sunday’s at SJP

NUFC returned to SJP for their final preseason bout, a game against Serie A side hellas Verona. Newcastle won 2-0 in a game where they dominated the whole match.

Newcastle launched their live streaming service that is tied to the NUFC online accounts that many fans have. Some folks had trouble with the stream, others didn’t. Either way it was the most talked about topic of the day.

Manquillo impressed a lot of fans that day, putting on a convincing performance that has gotten fans excited to see him play Sunday.

Mitro started up top, and though he had an assist, was pretty lackluster in the eyes of fans. Many begging for another striker.

Another Striker?

The fans wanted another striker, and that is something they might get. Monday saw the news that Rafa sent in a 15 Million Euro bid for Arsenal’s Lucas Perez.

Lee Ryder with that insight we normal folk can’t get.

same bro same

This isn’t that much of a stretch if you didn’t know that Rafa was in London earlier this morning for the Premier League Manager’s meeting.

We will just end this section with this gem of a tweet.

Cool Stuff

This is a dope thread from Josh of some amazing moments that should get you hyped for the season

The guy everyone on NUFC wanted, looks like he’s staying put after calling out a site for claiming he was laughing at Morata. This Tweet is just another indicator that Michy is happy where he is.

This is just funny.

That’s it for this week, be sure to Toon in (see what I did there) next Tuesday for the latest and greatest of NUFC Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @ComingHomeNUFC !!