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Mike Ashley Names His Price (again)

Fact: Only the Lucky Charms guy could convince Ashley to actually sell

Newcastle United v Barnsley - Sky Bet Championship
Do you think If i throw in a 5 piece chicken tenders they will buy?
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Well, it could happen folks. Mike Ashley might actually, possibly, maybe, be thinking about selling Newcastle. Mike Ashley has reportedly lowered his price from the over £400million pound price he named this summer.

This new price of £380million pounds is a little over £20million pounds less than the initial price he named for a group of interested Chinese investors that were reportedly interested in purchasing the club.

This new price, reported by The Times, has gotten many people thinking that Ashley is seriously considering selling the club. With the Club in the PL, with a world class manager, exceeding expectations, it seems like the right time to sell if you are Mike Ashley. Pair that with the fact that the entire fanbase has hated you from the start, and it seems plausible that Ashley might be willing to sell.

On top of that, The Chronicle reported over the summer that Lee Charnley flew to East Asia to meet with Fun88 in regards to ownership. Reports then indicated Ashley was open to both offers for a partial share in the club or the full sale of the club. Ashley of course also eluded to possibly selling in the ever so popular SkySports interview earlier this summer.

It has been understood since the beginning of these rumors of a sale that Ashley has wanted to at least sell the club for double of the £180m he paid for Newcastle ten years ago. According to the Times, "brokers believe that he is being optimistic."

Surely a sale would be what the fans want, and for the first time ever, it seems like it’s what Ashley wants.