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Sky’s reporting on Newcastle United was laughable

To report and refute your own report is a poor journalistic representation of the truth.

Newcastle United v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

What is the truth? What isn’t? Apparently the source considered the most reliable in football doesn’t even know as they reported that Newcastle United’s deal with Amanda Staveley and her investment firm PCP Capital Partners was off. Only to refute their own statement not much longer after.

What kind of reporting is this? Right now, the entire Newcastle United fanbase is probably turned over on their heads, confused as all hell as to what is actually going on with the sale of the club.

Is Staveley still in? Or is she out? Are there any other buyers that Mike Ashley was entertaining following the supposed fallout of the PCP deal?

The thing is, we don’t even know if there was a fallout. Sky made a tweet on a source from Mike Ashley, which could very well be the billionaire Englishman toying with the media to push Staveley closer to a deal. They may have thought that they were doing their part by reporting what they had heard from what they believed to be a trusted source. But to come out not even an hour later and say that another source refutes those claims shows that the sources Sky is using are either unreliable, or Sky is easily manipulated.

What Sky did is that they didn’t verify the news they were getting from their sources. They didn’t contact Mike Ashley’s camp, and they had to be contacted by PCP’s camp with a source fighting the initial claims. Sky has found itself in the middle of PR war between two parties, and is doing a disservice to fans of the club up north.

For weeks we have had no news as to whether a deal was still on the cards, or if it was no longer a possibility. I have problems with this reporting because it showed a lack of communication, and a lack of journalistic integrity. Sky can do better. They have to do better.

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