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UPDATE - Takeover Watch 2018: Staveley Registers New Company

It could be nothing, BUT it could also be super NOT nothing

Update 1/3/18: The Chronicle has reported that sources close to PCP Capital Partners, Staveley’s firm, have indicated that the new company is unrelated to the takeover of Newcastle United. Follow Coming Home Newcastle on Twitter and Facebook for the latest information on the possible sale of the club.

As can be expected of any dealings with an NDA intact, news on the anticipated takeover of Newcastle United by Amanda Staveley has been coming in fits and starts over the past few weeks. Tuesday, though, presented Newcastle supporters with some enticing news. It appears that Staveley has today registered a new company in the United Kingdom, leading many to speculate that a takeover will be coming sooner than later.

Further investigation reveals that the company was registered under SIC Code 64999, meaning its express purpose is to serve as a financial intermediary. This would allow for it to be used as a parent company that would then have ownership over anything from a fleet of vans to, say, a major football club in the North East of England.

The spark created by this news was then fanned by the following unconfirmed report that the sale will be announced on Saturday, with BBC holding exclusive interview rights.

To the objective observer and without context, there’s not a ton here – Staveley is the manager of a successful holding firm, for which the creation of financial intermediaries is a regular occurrence. Further, a single unconfirmed WhatsApp conversation is far from being a solid source.

We are, however, not objective observers, and this is not without context – Mike Ashley had hoped that a sale would be finalized by the new year, and reports that the two sides have had ongoing discussions after the first bid was rejected means that the parties were not terribly far apart in their valuations of the club. With Newcastle earning seven points in its last four matches and four points off relegation, this could be just the push needed to secure safety in the Premier League this season and further success in years to come.