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Reports: Brendan Rodgers in the pipeline?

While at first glance it may seem like simple publicity for the disgraced former Liverpool manager, Mike Ashley knows he needs options.

Celtic v Rosenborg - UEFA Europa League - Group B
Look at that face...WHY SO SERIOUS?
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I’m sorry guys, but Mike Ashley isn’t an idiot. He’s aware of the club’s current situation, and if the club falls into another relegation with Rafa Benitez at the helm then the Spaniard will walk. It’s as simple as that. And with Rafa already believed to have no interest in a new contract unless funds are made available and the club survives relegation it would make sense to prepare the potentiality.

But a lot of fans aren’t happy with the speculation that former Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers in the said pipeline. Most aren’t even happy that the club is considering its options in lieu of Benitez.

But this news also comes with the rumor that those at Newcastle United are considering actually sacking Rafa if the winless run continues.

NOTE: That’s some pretty deep stuff, and stay tuned for an article coming up on just why that would be the biggest mistake that Mike Ashley can make at this point in his ownership.

Being clear, this seems to Mike Ashley prepping for a future with Rafa due to his current contract situation. But Brendan Rodgers doesn’t seem like a terrible choice, even if he’s not arguably one of the greatest managers of this generation.

Brendan Rodgers had a relatively successful run with Liverpool before parting ways with the club in 2015. Before that he led Swansea to the Premier League from the Championship, making them the first Welsh club to do so. He also has a history with another great manager in Jose Mourinho, who lured Rodgers from Reading to manage Chelsea’s academy — which is a strong background when going to a club like Newcastle United, who has struggled with their academy for years.

Brendan Rodgers isn’t the only person with the potential to take over Newcastle United. The club recently hired Neil Redfearn for the club’s youth program. Fancy a shift in direction?

Of course, this is a paper claiming Benitez is in the hot seat. Let’s take a minute to laugh that Rafa needs to fear for his job after a dinner with Mike Ashley explicitly stating that he wishes to keep Rafa past the end of this season.