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Details Emerge About Ronaldo Rape Allegations as Civil Suit is Filed

The Juventus star has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who claims to have been assaulted by Ronaldo in Las Vegas in 2009

Juventus v SSC Napoli - Serie A
The Portuguese mega star recently moved to Juventus this summer
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Kathryn Mayorga, 34, has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of raping her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

This accusation was made public after a lawsuit was filed by her attorney Leslie Mark Stoval in Clark County District Court, who claims that Ronaldo sexually assaulted and raped his client in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009.

The suit says that Mayorga asked police last month to reopen a criminal case from that day. This was confirmed to the Associated Press (one of the most reputable news sources in the United States) by the Las Vegas Police who have stated that the case was re opened per the request of Mayorga.

Police said the following regarding the case:

”As of September 2018, the case has been reopened and our detectives are following up on information being provided by the victim,”

“This is an ongoing investigation and no further details will be released at this time.”

Police also have said that they responded to a sexual assault call on the date Mayorga is alleging in her civil suit, but state the victim “did not provide detectives with the location of the incident or suspect description” at the time. The police claim that Mayorga was medically examined that same night.

According to the suit filed, Ronaldo apologized after the incident “stating he was sorry, he was usually a gentleman.”. The suit goes on to claim that Ronaldo performed sexual acts with Mayorga despite her repeatedly saying “no” and “stop”. Furthermore, the suit filed claims Ronaldo told his legal representatives that Mayorga said “no” and “stop” several times.

These alleged sexual acts happened after Ronaldo invited Mayorga and a friend to the hot tub with him. When Mayorga, 25 at the time, had nothing to wear, Ronaldo offered her a t-shirt and a pair of shorts to change into.

The suit goes on to explain that while changing in the bathroom Ronaldo exposed his genitals to her and repeatedly asked for oral sex. Despite Moyrga’s refusal, Ronaldo repeatedly tried to get Mayorga to perform sexual acts, eventually forcibly sodomizing her.

The purpose of the suit is to void a non disclosure agreement (NDA) that was signed shortly after the event on the basis that Mayorga was taken advantage while being in a fragile emotional state to coerce her into signing a settlement and said agreement. The NDA and settlement was an agreement that prevented Mayorga from going public with the story, and gave her $375,000 in exchange for her silence.

The Ronaldo camp has repeatedly denied the allegations that were made public in multiple pieces written by German news outlet Der Spiegel.

The first piece was written in April of 2017, and was called “a piece of journalistic fiction” by Ronaldo’s representatives.

The most recent story, released this past Friday contains more detail and includes the first public interview with Mayorga, has prompted Ronaldo’s Representatives to sue.

Ronaldo’s lawyer, Christian Schertz claims that the reporting is “blatantly illegal.”

In a statement he said

“It violates the personal rights of our client Cristiano Ronaldo in an exceptionally serious way. This is an inadmissible reporting of suspicions in the area of privacy,”

Ronaldo also fired back at the allegations through an Instagram live video where he said

“What they said today, fake -- fake news.

They want to promote by my name. It’s normal. They want to be famous -- to say my name. Yeah but it’s part of the job. I’m (a) happy man and all, all good.”

Uruguay v Portugal: Round of 16 - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
The Portuguese star seemed to respond to the allegations by calling them “fake news”
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Stoval responded with a statement of his own this Monday claiming that his client’s accusations are far from “fake news”

“Ms. Mayorga’s filed complaint, the physical evidence of her sexual assault, answers to written questions regarding the sexual assault attributed to Cristiano Ronaldo, the communications and conduct of the ‘team’ representing Cristiano Ronaldo, the circumstances surrounding the purported agreement for settlement and non disclosure, and the psychological injuries suffered by Ms. Mayorga are not ‘fake news,’”

“Ms. Mayorga’s August 2018 decision to contact the police and participate in the criminal investigation of the June 13, 2009, sexual assault, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s current investigation of the June 13, 2009, sexual assault of Ms. Mayorga, and the existence of Nevada Revised Statute 171.083 removing the time limits for criminal prosecution of a sexual assault in the State of Nevada, are not ‘fake news.’”

Der Spiegel editor Christoph Winterbach took to Twitter (thread below) to defend the validity of his publication’s piece and to refute the claims that the publication of the piece was blatantly illegal or that the story is “fake news”.

Winterbach states that the articles written were based off of hundreds of documents from different stories including police reports, emails and medical reports. Winterbach goes on to explain that there were 20 people involved in the writing of these articles including a legal team that ensured the story was legal.

Winterbach claims that the notion of the statement released by Scherz that the story is too personal to become public is ridiculous given the gravity of the allegations set forth against Ronaldo, who is a worldwide celebrity.

Real Madrid Celebrate Winning La Liga
Ronaldo’s move from Real Madrid was the story of the summer, while this story will surely dominate the fall.

Winterbach’s thread also points out various details of the situation that could point to Ronaldo not being innocent, one such example is a document put out by his own legal team that has him admitting to hearing Mayorga repeatedly say no the night of the alleged assault.

Until recently Mayorga has remained silent about that night in Vegas, but Der Spiegel has reported that there are 3 reasons why she has come out publicly. The first being the hiring of a new lawyer who is incredibly experienced and believes the NDA signed by both parties is nonbinding. The second reason was the emergence of the #MeToo movement, and how that has changed the climate for women who have been wanting to come public about their personal experiences with sexual assault. Lastly, Der Spiegel says Mayorga has come out publicly with her story to see if there are other women who have been sexually abused by Ronaldo. Mayorga says “It is something I have always wondered about”

The full story released by Der Spiegel this past weekend can be found here, we strongly suggest you read it to get an understanding of the situation. The multiple reports sourced in this article also serve as documents that should be read to receive a further understanding of the situation. The full filed suit can be found below, which contains the full detailed account of what Mayorga claimed occurred in Las Vegas.

media-43488 (1).pdf

If criminal charges are pressed as a result of the criminal investigation being opened back up by police in Nevada, Ronaldo will have to return to the United States to serve his punishment. Italy and the United States do have an extradition treaty that would force the government to send him to the United States.

This story has nothing to do with Newcastle United, Rafa Benitez, or Mike Ashley, but we have published a piece on it because it is a story that is bigger than the club and bigger than football itself. The story deserves to see the light of day, and should not be swept under a rug, where it could surely be forgotten. Like many outlets should, we here at Coming Home Newcastle will be paying close attention to this story and bringing you updates as they come.

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