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Newcastle United star Frank Clark publishes his autobiography

The former Toon star played in 486 matches for Newcastle United, and helped them win the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.

30 Dec 1996: Frank Clark the newly appointed manager of Manchester City faces the Press at Maine Ro

Remember Frank Clark? Probably not. A lot of Newcastle United fans weren’t alive during Newcastle United’s triumphant years in the 60s and 70s as a club destined for European greatness. But Frank Clark remembers, and you can relive it with him in his new book Black & White and Red All Over.

Amid Kevin Keegan’s publishing of an account critical of Mike Ashley and the current state of Newcastle United, Clark’s autobiography recounts a happy time for Newcastle United fans, one where we were consistently competing, and had a presence throughout European football, despite the organizational aspect of it just getting off the ground.

Clark, now 75, was never short of playing time at Newcastle. Having played 486 total matches for the club, he also served as a player, chairman, and manager of Nottingham Forest, a club he also helped win the European Cup.

A great player, and certainly an adopted Geordie to remember, you should definitely pick up his book. I know we will be.