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NUFC Academy Lose in U18 Premier League

Manchester United win back to back fixtures against Newcastle U18s

Newcastle U18s lost 1-0 to a depleted Manchester United U18s last weekend and it didn't get better this time around, losing 3-0.

Its was a dominate match for Man U as Newcastle just couldn’t keep up. It started in the 13th minute with Academy Mags going down 1-0. That ended up being the Half Time score even though it felt like it should be worse.

A 3-0 score ended up being the final.

NUFC U18s will next travel to 1st place Everton in a U18 Premier League Match on Saturday October 20th. NUFC Academy sit in 11th out of 12 teams in the table with a 2-0-5 record.

TEAM: Dan Langley, Tai Ebanks, George Rounsfell, Josh Gilchrist, Lucas Gamblin, Max Allen, Kain Reed, Jack Young, Thomas Cole, De Bolle (Josh Harrison 77’), Elliot Anderson