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Newcastle United have won three straight, and the tension remains

Despite winning three straight and finding themselves at thirteenth, tension remains with the magpies.

Burnley FC v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Newcastle United fans have calmed down somewhat following Newcastle United’s win over Burnley, giving the Toon a three match win streak. It’s a great streak to have, and will only be more painful once we watch it come to an end.

Rafa Benitez has even stated that the club is flying high after having won their third straight, but it doesn’t mean everything is going great behind the scenes. And for me, it doesn’t mean that relegation still isn’t a possibility. There is tension, with the potential sale of the club, as well as relegation concerns.

Despite the wins and sitting 13th, Newcastle only remain four points above the relegation zone. One mishap could see the club drastically drop, and two damning mistakes could see the club fall right back into a relegation battle.

Winning three straight wasn’t an early Christmas present for Newcastle fans, it was a necessary step forward in Newcastle getting away from relegation and the club itself gaining the confidence to make that next step.

As December approaches, so does the January transfer window. With the club in the current form that it is in, it remains to be seen whether the investment will be made by owner Mike Ashley in giving the club the tools needed to push forward.

The Premier League is a tough competition right now. It’s anyone’s race to lose. In fact, there are about ten clubs that if they lose consecutive matches, or consistently draw will find themselves closer and closer to the bottom of the table. Newcastle is smack in the middle of those ten teams.

Three wins doesn’t mean anything but nine points. Let’s take Rafa Benitez’s approach and see it for what it is: a step forward.