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Protest or Not to Protest - Stay United

There are so many opinions on what fans should do, do what YOU think is right.

Tomorrow sees a big step in the protests against Newcastle owner, Mike Ashley.

The Magpie Group has organised an 11th minute walk in that is the first of many protests that have split the opinions of Newcastle fans. Already there has been fans telling others what they should and shouldn’t do, which has understandably seen divisions form within the fan base.

There are supporters who want to take part in the walk in and also take place in the boycott against Wolves next weekend, there are also supporters that want to take their seats as normal and watch the match. Neither choice is wrong, and nobody has the right to tell a fellow supporter that he cannot go to the match. There are people who have been going to St James’ Park for many years, some longer than other fans have been alive!

It is so vital that Newcastle fans stay united, because despite the differing views on the protests, all Newcastle United fans want the same thing: Mike Ashley out. There is no denying that Ashley has been a poison to the club who has allowed the club to fall and rot. That is not what the fans want, they do not want millions and millions thrown at the club, however, they do want to see the club at least try and challenge the likes of Watford and Bournemouth in the transfer market. The saying goes “you get out what you put in”. Mike Ashley hasn’t shown a desire to take the football club forward, which has shown with two relegations under his ownership.

Every fan has a different opinion, which is why football is loved so much; additionally people have different perspectives. Whether fans are in their seat come 3:00 PM tomorrow, there really is no right or wrong. Those who are in their seats for kick off, perhaps join in with the protest in a different way. There are concerns that with the momentum the team have at the moment, the protests could have an impact on the improved performances. That could well be the case, however, nobody will really know until both the 11th minute walk in and boycott happen.

It is incredibly difficult for a fan to not turn up to a place where he/she have been going for 40+ years, or however long it may be. It becomes their life, a routine, going to the Strawberry before the game and talking to fellow fans about the club, before walking up those steps to take their seats. That special feeling never leaves a fan, from the very first time they step inside the stadium to the last. The love of Newcastle United will always be there, and it is easier for some more than others to just say “We are boycotting”. Fans have to take that into consideration before forcing their opinions on others.

The next two home games are important, not just in terms of results on the pitch but also off it. Whether fans go or not, it is their own choice and should not be forced on them. The one thing every fan has in common is the love of Newcastle United and that should always be respected.