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Are fans getting excessive going after Mike Ashley?

The hate is feeding the beast. I’m not saying to stop, but maybe not attempt to murder the guy.

Southampton FC v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Recently there was a row between a fan and Newcastle United owner, Mike Ashley, at a restaurant where Ashley had said some pretty hurtful things to a fan that had respectfully told him to the “get the f*** out of our club”.

I’m sorry, I must have that confused. A fan had gone up to Mike Ashley and told him the above, expecting what exactly? That Ashley would just respond by saying, “well because you said it, I will. Your opinion of all others means so much to me.”

That’s pretty delusional. And while the protests and the fight to get Mike Ashley out of our club should continue, I think walking up to a guy just trying to have a meal at a restaurant is a tad excessive. Or maybe attempting to climb up the to director’s box while hurling insults at the owner is a tad excessive.

Fans had been fuming at the fact that Ashley had avoided fans for more than a year, basically going into hiding as he “attempted” to sell the club to sever what has already been a damning partnership for both parties involved. But while we dislike Mike Ashley, actually having the owner present for matches is something we should at least appreciate.

It’s like a skittish cat. He pokes out of his hiding place to say hi to the family, and everyone starts saying “KITTY”, and of course, kitty doesn’t like that one bit. So bam.

Now, of course, this isn’t all fans. Not everyone is attempting to get their word in with Mike Ashley, but let me ask you something before you start disrupting restaurants or climbing up flights of stairs to get to the owner:

Do you really think he gives a shred of a thought to what you have to say? That anything you have to say on the matter is something he hasn’t heard before? Of course he knows you want him to sell the club and practically burn in Oblivion for eternity. Doesn’t mean he’s going to take your damn suggestion.

For now, let Ashley sit in the stands and take in the protests, and that atmosphere that he has created around this club. Yeah, it’s toxic. But it’s people like the ones hurling insults in a public space (where other people are also trying to enjoy their meals) or attempting to get into places where they shouldn’t, that are creating a terrible environment.

Protest away. But our owner shouldn’t fear for his safety.