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Breaking: Miguel Almiron loan deal shot down

A report is coming out that Almiron “will not be sold for chump change”. A loan deal is shot down.

Atlanta United FC v New York Red Bulls: Eastern Conference Finals - Leg 2 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We reported earlier yesterday that a deal for Atlanta United star Miguel Almiron is practically in place for Newcastle United, and that there was “potential” for it to be a loan deal. I say potential, because it was never outright confirmed that a loan deal was in place. It was simply in the cards.

But news is coming out now that a loan deal will not happen for the player, and that he will not go for cheap, either. Of course, what Darren Eales considers ‘cheap’ is a topic for another time, as he’s clearly wrong on the valuation for Almiron.

Eales had this to say about the reports coming out yesterday:

I have seen some laughable things in the press, clearly we are never going to loan one of our players out and we are certainly not going to let them go for the ‘chump change’ that I have seen in some reports.

So a loan deal isn’t in the cards? It would have appeared that Newcastle United was only interested in a loan deal to wait out a potentially exhausting buyout period, with which the new owner could fulfill the purchase come summer. This does not mean that Newcastle United is out of the race, or that the club doesn’t still have a deal in place to purchase the player.

It just means, we know a lot less than we think we did.