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Can Dubravka become a permanent fixture in Newcastle United’s squad?

You only saw him play once. But you loved it. Admit it. You looooved it.

Newcastle United v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

His goalkeeping in his debut for the magpies will be legendary for years to come. A relatively unknown keeper signed to the club to give the team a chance at avoiding relegation. He not only proved that he can potentially be that man, but he proved that he’s willing to go all the way to make the end of the season a special one.

Martin Dubravka. Not completely familiar with the name? Understandable. You only saw him play once. But wasn’t that first time delightful? But here’s the thing. He’s only here on loan. And while that is a loan-to-buy deal, Newcastle United is not obligated to make the purchase, meaning that Dubravka has to prove his worth to the club.

The loan-to-buy is worth around £4m which is a good price. But is it a bargain? It all depends on how Dubravka plays the next couple of weeks. There’s no jumping to conclusions on him, yet.

But he is completely prepared to prove himself. Talking to the Shields Gazette:

“I appreciate the opportunity, and I will try to do my best to stay. Hopefully, it will not just be a loan. I really hope I get to stay longer than six months. It’s a huge opportunity for my life.”

I think we all agree that his performance against Manchester United was one of the greatest displays of goalkeeping this club has seen in a few years. But whether or not it will last is questionable.

Let’s hope Dubravka makes that £4m seem like the biggest steal in goalkeeping history.