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Jamaal Lascelles is making a case for international football

The World Cup is coming. And hopefully, so is Jamaal Lascelles.

Newcastle United v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

If there has been anything to marvel at this season from Newcastle United, it’s Jamaal Lascelles. The youngster who took the reins as captain of a team down on its luck last season, and nailed it. Being one of the youngest players on the team, he had to step into a role of leadership on and off the pitch. He had to put in more work, show more dedication, and prove himself more than the next guy because he was the one to look to.

He’s grown into that role so well over this past season, scoring goals, and solidifying a Newcastle United defense that has nothing to be ashamed of after this past draw. If anything, he still made a very strong case that he should be considered for one of England’s defensive positions heading into the World Cup.

Lascelles has been so important to this club, the vultures have begun to circle. And Rafa has told leadership that all offers for the Englishman should be rejected outright. No amount of money is worth the loss of Lascelles.

Despite being on a team that has struggled, Lascelles has been the strongest player on the squad, making crucial plays, and showing up in crucial moments that give him more than a strong enough case to be chosen for the English National Team.

His ability to score goals is one of his strongest points. But his leadership is almost John Terry-esque. In fact, that may be why Chelsea is so interested in the player. But it’s also one of the biggest assets that he can bring England.

England has struggled on the international scene, with Wayne Rooney’s leadership waning in the past few years, new leadership needs to arise in order for the team to be successful in the biggest competition in the world. Leadership is worth a lot, and Jamaal Lascelles has a lot to offer.