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This is what Sam Allardyce said about Newcastle United

Fight me, Sammy. Fight me.

Burnley v Everton - Premier League Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Sam Allardyce has just fired a shotgun when he said that Everton has a greater history than Newcastle United and West Ham. To be honest, I’m not really concerned with West Ham. I’m concerned with the fact that he thought it prudent to throw out some fighting words.

First off, I’m not going to say whose history is greater. To be honest, both Newcastle United and Everton have some fantastic history in the game of football. Don’t believe me? Just look at their relative pasts. And yeah, in total, Everton has won more trophies than Newcastle United, but it doesn’t make its history greater.

And I’d wager to say that Sam Allardyce will be a stain on the club’s history anyway.

This is a statement by a washed up manager with nothing better to do than fight for his already unstable job as manager of Everton. A perfectly good club until Ronald Koeman screwed up, and Sam Allardyce came in to finish the job.

This is a quote from Allardyce,

“ Everton is completely different from Newcastle and West Ham. It was just a comparison. If you don’t play as well as they [supporters] expect you to play, they show their disapproval.”

And no one else does? To be honest, I think Newcastle United fans do that better than anyone. We’re just so great that we always throw our support behind our players, even while we voice frustration. We’ve always been some of the loudest when it comes to demanding results and calling out our management and players when they aren’t performing at the level that we know they can.

It’s not just Everton, and it’s not just Newcastle. Every team’s fans voice their frustration when their team sucks. They’re just probably voicing it very loudly because they’re sick and tired of Allardyce already and they want him gone.

Listen, Sam. The charade is up. You screwed up England, you messed up Crystal Palace, you were a failure at Newcastle United, and soon you’ll add Everton to the list of clubs you only managed for a season or less. If I’m being honest, I think both Newcastle and Everton’s histories are much greater together and are what make the Premier League great. You’ll only ever be a footnote.