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Rafa Benitez’s future hinges on multiple things

This is a shoutout to all the news outlets who act otherwise

Newcastle United v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

I recently read an article in Marca that really got me going. You may have seen my tweet from one of my two twitter accounts. Let me explain myself.

If you read the article sometime between that paragraph and this one, you may have noticed the same frustrating lack of information that I did. Nowhere in Marca’s article did they mention that Benitez has been waiting on the potential sale of Newcastle United before determining where his future lies. They also stated — without any evidence assisting their statement — that Newcastle United seemed to have no interest in renewing Benitez’s contract.

What? Excuse me? Every single confused/angry gif cannot express my bafflement at even the notion that Newcastle United has no interest in renewing Benitez. Benitez IS Newcastle United. It’s been accepted by the fans, the players, even the ownership recognizes the importance of Rafa’s presence and leadership.

Amanda Staveley has no interest in a Newcastle United without Benitez. That itself makes Mike Ashley and company very interested in retaining the Spaniards services.

Sure, clubs can be interested. They’re bound to be. With the most subpar squad in the league, he has managed so far to get the magpies not just closer to safety, but in tenth place. That’s a feat not many managers can do and it’s a testament to his tactics and managerial ability that are second to none.

So when I see articles throwing out that Benitez is likely to sign with another team, I have to just laugh. Because not only are they not giving you the whole story, they don’t want to. The fact of the matter is that Benitez right now is a magpie. His focus is on safety for Newcastle United. I don’t think he even gave Sociedad much thought because it simply isn’t how Rafa operates. He doesn’t think ahead in terms of where he’ll be. He thinks about where he is.

Right now he’s here. And until we see Mike Ashley refuse to sell the club, it is here he will stay.