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Newcastle’s home away from home

Chicago is a sports town.

The Cloud Gate of Chicago
The Cloud Gate of Chicago
Bryan Nelson

This weekend I’m in Chicago for an event unlike any other. Newcastle United’s fans from around the United States have made an effort to meet up in Chicago to celebrate the one thing that can bring together people like this.

Newcastle United.

And despite the match being moved from Sunday to Monday, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our time together. It doesn’t mean that our love for the Toon shouldn’t bring us together. Just stepping foot in Chicago, you know that it’s a sports town. While wearing my Philadelphia Eagles gear, I’ve been subject to more congratulations than any other city I’ve been in. It’s a testament to the dedication this city has to sports, and the respect it has for others.

It’s the mentality of Newcastle United. Whether it made its way here or it’s a match made in heaven, I don’t know. All I can say is Chicago has welcomed me in a way I never thought possible. The heart of the Toon is in this city, and I can’t think of a better host city to bring together the greatest football fans in the world.

Culture, love, respect, and sports. Newcastle United’s home away from home? Most definitely.