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Rolando Aarons could be in trouble after admitting to bar brawl affray charge

Aarons awaits his sentencing which is scheduled for the 22nd of May.

Newcastle United v Manchester City - Premier League
Rolando Aarons could be in some trouble.
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Rolando Aarons could land himself in some trouble and face possible jail time after admitting his involvement in a bar brawl affray charge.

According to reports, the incident occurred almost two years ago, in October 2016. Aarons, along with his mother and four others, were involved in a brawl with another group at “Livello”, a nightclub located in Newcastle. The cause of the fight has not been made certain, but the other group were seen throwing items first. Bottles and weapons were used and a member of the other party had suffered a “nasty” head injury, although it was stated that it was not caused by Aarons’ group but by the doorman who had intervened.

Rolando Aarons was at Livello nightclub to just celebrate a birthday and had not been causing any sort of trouble leading up to the fight. According to reports and video evidence from the CCTV, the incident happened out of “nowhere”. But the judge did say the man from the other group who had thrown the first bottle had “escalated the incident”. No kidding!

The sentencing of this charge will be heard on May 22nd and Aarons, along with his mom, has been released on bail. Currently, Aarons is out on loan with Italian side Hellas Verona. So far he has appeared in 8 Serie A matches and will return to Newcastle in June 2018. His future with the club could very well be affected by this sentencing.