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Is relegation a concern for Newcastle United now?

Following their win over Huddersfield, Newcastle are now in a comfortable position to work with.

Newcastle United v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Not only has Newcastle United walked away with a victory over Huddersfield — which, if you ask me, should have been a much larger victory — they now sit a strong seven points above the relegation zone, which is a lot of wiggle room. The club just now needs to remain consistent against its remaining opponents, which still includes a formidable Tottenham side after the postponed match.

But it’s not something Newcastle United can’t manage under the management of Rafa Benitez, and this is very important. The impending safety of the club will have a huge effect on the sale, and the retention of Rafa Benitez. This win just makes a much greater case that the future could be bright. If Rafa can manage safety with what many have considered a subpar Premier League squad, with the right purchases, I see contenders.

If anything, the club really needs to focus on proving themselves as players now. Come this summer, Rafa will be prepared to offload everything and anything considered surplus, subpar, and troublesome. Anyone fitting in either of those categories can say goodbye to the club.

Relegation is still a threat, but slowly but surely, it’s becoming an afterthought. Where Newcastle United will place on the table is becoming more of a concern. We know that there are points on the way for the club in one form or the other, and that the current teams at the bottom of the table are likely to only continue digging holes for themselves.

Newcastle should now concern itself with table positioning, and maybe even get a head start on those negotiations to sell the club which Mike Ashley so desperately wants to do.