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The stories on Rafa Benitez are journalism at its worst

They’ll jump on a story, but won’t check the facts.

Newcastle United v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

I like to consider myself someone who will call out “journalists” and news organizations when their stories aren’t providing all the facts. I did it to Marca, and I’ll do it again here. Stories are claiming that manager Rafa Benitez of Newcastle United is prepared to leave the club for West Ham United. But not without some demands.

He is demanding a £6 million salary as well as £100 million for transfers. Sounds pretty crazy, seeing as the only mention of Benitez’s demands are in the title of the article. The truth is that Benitez has had no contact with West Ham United in the first place, and that what West Ham believes Benitez would want would only be due to their inferring it from months worth of articles on the matter from publications.

What the Express is peddling here is another worthless piece of trash on a situation that has already been prevalent in the minds of Newcastle fans and pundits alike. That Benitez is on the edge of leaving Newcastle United if he isn’t given the assurances needed to give the club proper chances to win silverware. That’s always been the case, and it will always continue being the case.

The Express has nothing new. West Ham’s interest is nothing new. Neither is the reported interest from Arsenal, and other clubs looking to sign the one reason why Newcastle finished mid table with one of the most mediocre Premier League squads in recent memory.

The thing is. Nothing is concrete. So why continue to report on it? Benitez hasn’t agreed to sign with West Ham, and why would he? He’s still under contract with Newcastle United for a year, and West Ham is in no better position than Newcastle right now.

What happened to the days when newspapers and organizations reported on facts, rather than perceived news? This isn’t news, it’s gossip, and Express and others like it are wasting our time with this trash.

The only good thing to come out of this news is a rant post by me complaining about this trash.