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Toon Departures Nearing Completion

Two former Anderlecht players could be leaving NUFC shortly

Chelsea v Newcastle United - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round

As the world focuses on the greatest stage in the sport, Club football rummages through the daily grind that is the transfer market.

Goalkeeper Matz Sels just returned from a loan spell from Anderlecht. With 37 appearances across all competitions and 9 shutouts in those competitions, Anderlecht is looking to buy the player permanent. There are multiple rumors going around about a fee being accepted/rejected, but it seems cleat that Anderlecht wants the player.

The other player who looks to be out is center back Chancel Mbemba. Original reports were linking him back to Anderlecht, but now O Jogo is reporting that the DR International could be heading to Portugal. It appears that Porto is linked with an $8M deal is being offered.

Hopefully these deal move quickly so Rafa has more recruitment money this summer.