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World Cup Watch 2018: Aleksandar Mitrovic

We’re watching Mitrovic’s progress in the World Cup because, well, why not? He’s great.

Costa Rica v Serbia: Group E - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Aleksandar Mitrovic is a superstar. For his country at least. And in the first match of Serbia’s World Cup 2018 journey in Russia, Mitrovic certainly gave us plenty to talk about. How about his physical play sprinkled with discipline? Not arguing with referees over a foul is something that is rare to see from the Serbian.

How about his composed play and willingness to pass the ball? This is the most Newcastle United fans are getting to watch MItrovic, and I believe we like what we’re seeing.

Passing the ball like a playmaker? Taking shots like the pure striker he is? Taking his physical play to the next level without lack of discipline? That makes a complete forward, and one that can make his team’s dreams come true.

Serbia certainly looked the more dominant team at times during the match, with Costa Rica’s goalkeeping being the biggest highlight for me. Keylor Navas is one of the top keepers in the world, and that Serbia managed to get by him showed unbelievable composure at the free kick line.

Unfortunately today, Mitrovic didn’t manage to score. He failed on a 1v1 opportunity, and when he managed a breakaway, he initiated contact that not only broke up the opportunity to score, he lost the chance for a penalty. Those are both issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible. He was lucky Serbia was up on the scoreboard, or else those mistakes could have cost his team the match, and a shot at World Cup glory.

The improvements from Mitro are night and day. And Rafa is watching. With every match Mitro plays, maybe one day he can get the chance to be the player we are all seeing him as right now. Just in a black and white shirt, representing the Geordie faithful.

He did us proud today.