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Dwight Gayle could exit Newcastle United very soon

A £10m deal is in the works to allow Gayle to leave for Stoke.

Newcastle United v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Dwight Gayle is good. Not Newcastle United in the Premier League good, but he’s not a bad player. He lacked the ability to provide Rafa with much needed goals in the Premier League which made it difficult for Newcastle to walk away with points. Simply put, Rafa’s Premier League tactics weren’t a good fit for Gayle to succeed.

But now, Newcastle United may be able to walk away with something beneficial as the club looks to sell the striker to the now Championship team Stoke City.

Gayle performed like a legend in the Championship scoring 23 goals as Newcastle United ran away with the Championship trophy on their way back to the Premier League. Gayle finished this past season with only six goals. While his goals were crucial, his production at this level simply won’t cut it when Benitez is looking at competing for a spot in Europe.

Gayle’s talents are more suited towards the Championship, where he is known to rip through defenses to score goals. Stoke should have no problem returning to the Premier League with him as their top guy.

There is a slight issue with Gayle, and that is his wages. With £40,000 a week, he is one of the highest paid players on Newcastle United’s squad. This is huge for Newcastle, a team looking to cut down on its wage bill to be able to afford players that may require higher wage bills but bring more talent. Stoke’s issue is that they’ll likely have to at least match that to be able to lure Gayle away from his lucrative contract with the magpies.

A sale would be a win-win for both clubs. Newcastle walk away with spending cash and a lower wage bill, and Stoke take home a striker that can score goals in England’s second tier.

Here’s to hoping it all works out.