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Newcastle Announce Kenedy Signing

Fact: Kenedy is the most misspelled name in our writer slack channel

Brace Face returns

Newcastle have officially announced their 3rd signing of the summer, a loan deal for the Brazilian winger Kenedy.

Kenedy is no stranger to the toon, he sent half of least season on loan with Newcastle where he made 13 appearances, bagged himself 2 goals and had 2 assists. Fans praised the player for his remarkable pace, and wonderful technical ability, and the creative spark he provided on the pitch. The hope is that we get to see the same brilliant performances from the Brazilian this season with the added benefit of enjoying his presence for the entire season.

Not much is known of the deal so far, with the usual outlets such as Sky Sports and The Chronicle reporting that it is a loan deal. However, Luke Edwards of the Telegraph is the first reporter to claim that the deal is in fact a loan deal with an option to buy.

Edwards is usually pretty reliable when it comes to transfers, but some fans did remind the Toon Army to take this with a grain of salt, citing the fact that Edwards has been wrong about transfer news before.

There are other journalists who have cleared this up, one being Simon Johnson who claims Newcastle have the first rights to make an offer for the winger at the end of the season.

Some fans have speculated that the reason that this is essentially a loan to buy deal because we are still waiting on the TV money to be paid out to the club. Whether or not that is true, cannot be confirmed at this time. But, what can be confirmed is that this method of bringing quality players through loan to buy deals has been Rafa’s bread and butter while being here at Newcastle. He’s done the same with Christian Atsu, Martin Dubravka and Mikel Merino. Often getting players below their market value with these loan to buy deals. The loan to buy deal should also in theory allow Newcastle to purchase the player permanently whenever they have the funds to do so. This would allow the club to pull from revenue streams during the season while the team is actively making money in order to finance the purchase.

The big concern obviously is jut the fact that Newcastle are likely not going to be able to meet the price demands, once again, from Chelsea in order to purchase the winger. With West Ham doubling or transfer record for a midfielder, and Wolves continuing to make signings, Mike Ashley has to start to consider whether or not he is willing to invest in this team to keep them competitive. The fact that we struggle to make signings over 10 million pounds, has always been concerning but is even more concerning when teams that are clearly worse than us are spending twice the amount we are. Long story short: screw Mike Ashley.

that is a lot of tattoos
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As it pertains to how Rafa plans on using the Brazilian, it is safe to say he will likely play on the left hand side of the pitch as Left mid/wing. Of course at Chelsea also played Left Back and Left Wing Back, two positions Rafa likely will never play him at considering DeAndre Yedlin would be starting at Right Back and he is not necessarily the best defender. If played on the wing he will start opposite Matt Ritchie or possibly Andros Townsend and provide contrasted playing style to both wingers who, as they age, are relying less on pace to be effective.

Kenedy’s return to Newcastle is welcome positive news in a somewhat dull transfer window. We can only hope that this leads to more and more wonderful news regarding transfers.