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Dennis Wise needs to be quiet

He was complicit in the resignation of Kevin Keegan and should be quiet.

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

There are a lot of people in Newcastle United’s recent history that you just don’t speak their name. Among these names are John Carver, Graham Carr, and Dennis Wise. And currently, Dennis Wise feels the need to back his old boss as if there’s something in it for him.

The issue with Wise is that he and Mike Ashley worked almost hand-in-hand to undermine Kevin Keegan. With Wise meant to only recommend players to Keegan who would have the ultimate say on the purchase of any players recommended, his role soon became a much larger one.

He wasn’t with the club long, only long enough for fans to begin to hate him. Upon the resignation of Kevin Keegan, fans came out in droves to demand the resignation of nearly the entire executive group of Newcastle United. The situation got messy real quick, and it’s when the realization that Ashley would not be what’s best for the club came to the fore.

Yet know, Wise sees fit to discuss the club once again.

“Unfortunately whatever he does, he will constantly take stick. It’s as simple as that.” That’s correct Dennis. He owns one of the most visible clubs in the world, his decisions will be scrutinized, and rightly so. The only issue with that is he’s actually done nothing. So that’s what he’s actually getting stick for.

“I look at Newcastle and I think they’re a team who will be in a comfortable position by the end of the season.” Congratulations, Dennis, you’re able to make an observation. I’ve made the same observation, and I actually agree with you on this. Except you sounded stupid when you said this...

“People complain about them not spending enough money but if you trade well at a football club and you’re able to bring players in and take players out and make money, I don’t see what the problem is with that.” There is so much wrong with this statement.

The issue is that Newcastle United is actually selling its players for the inflated prices that they’re going for right now. That’s amazing. It’s perfect and it’s just the state of the market. However, when we pocket the money from that inflated sale, we aren’t spending it. It’s not all about bringing players in, Dennis. It’s about bringing in the right players. Quality players that will truly make a difference. Not fringe players that will likely be sold in the next year or so.

It’s really embarrassing to have to have Dennis Wise try to come to the rescue of Mike Ashley.