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CHN Radio Episode 3: The Crossover, Dennis Not So Wise, and Jonjo = Voldemort

Fact: This is certainly not the last crossover episode

London is Blue Podcast

Episode 3 is here folks! In this episode Greg and I review the abomination that happened this past weekend against Cardiff, I officially attack Dennis Wise, and we talk about fighting Chelsea players. Greg updates us on the youth squad, and even intrigues us with some twin trivia.

We also previewed Chelsea’s match against us this weekend with the London is Blue Podcast. It was loads of fun, and there is a lot of surprising content we are sure you will love. Plus they left this super dope cover art.

If you’re interested, you can give them a follow @LondonBluePod on the Twitter. You can also check out the site they are affiliated with, We Ain’t Got no History

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We look forward to talking with you. Howay the Lads!