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DeAndre Yedlin’s Social Media Accounts Hacked

Fact: this has been a tough couple of days for DeAndre

Newcastle United v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Out of all of the players in the squad DeAndre Yedin is the most active player on social media, and frankly the best player on social media. An American Millennial in its purist form, DeAndre’s Instagram is full of hilarious Instagram stories, well planned posts, and quality photos. He is also active on Twitter and regularly interacts with fans on a day to day basis.

However, last night the young American’s Instagram account was hacked by two individuals who likely had nothing better to do with their lives.

Here are some of the highlights from the spree.

This one made me chuckle.

I don’t know what Spanish sandals smell like, and I am not sure that they are worse smelling than any other type of sandal.

I am always down for some Sunderland memes.

This was my personal favorite post of the Instagram hack, because this is simply the coolest picture from the loss against Chelsea.

The hackers also made their way to DeAndre’s Twitter, tweeting out to follow one of them on social media.

These were not the smartest hackers in the world as they gave away their identity a few times, telling people to follow them on social media.

People eventually got fed up with the hackers, which prompted them to post this statement saying Yedlin would eventually get his account back.

Eventually the lads gave up the hacking, deleted all of the posts, and left one post for DeAndre to read when he wakes up.

The lessons to be learned in this whole situation are simple. First and foremost, always change your passwords. Secondly, make your passwords at least hard enough to guess or personal enough that random kids are not easily able to figure out your password. Lastly, If you hack a famous person’s social media account the worst thing you can do is give away any personal information linking you with the hacking. Yedlin’s camp could easily sue these kids for defamation because there is record of them tarnishing his brand all over Twitter.

As of now Yedlin has not released a statement on the issue.