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Coming Home Fantasy

Fact: This is gonna be tons of fun

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Newcastle United v FC Augsburg - Pre-Season Friendly
those eyes...
Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

We have noticed over the past couple of seasons that there are a lot of armchair football managers who we follow on Twitter. This has resulted in a ton of debate over tactics, which players are good, and which players suck. So, we being the glorious souls that we are, decided to start a Fantasy Premier League Group to see who actually is the best Armchair manager of them all.

For those of you who have no idea what Fantasy Premier league is (you are probably American), the basic idea is that you have 100 pounds to create a team of 15 players that will be your Fantasy Premier league team. It is just like any daily fantasy game that is played in the states, except there a ton of extra rules that you ca read all about here.

You can join our group by going to the official Premier League Fantasy page , creating your team, then searching for “Coming Home Newcastle” and entering the code 2773017-632209 to join the league.

Best of luck to you all, and may the best manager win!