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Newcastle United players are furious about their bonus dispute

It’s another showcase of how Mike Ashley has run this club.

Newcastle United v FC Augsburg - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Newcastle United players are furious, and rightfully so, about a bonus dispute between them and owner Mike Ashley. It has become a situation of a manager and his players, facing off against the highly disliked owner.

Players are refusing to make themselves available to media citing that their issue is with Mike Ashley and Mike Ashley only. Meaning, they have nothing against the media, and are only looking to make a statement to Ashley that their bonuses are due.

This is just one of many things going on with Newcastle United that have created a serious cause for concern. With Rafa Benitez stating the fans are rightly concerned about the direction of the club, he also stated that things are not “going well off the pitch,” and that “you can see a reflection of that on the pitch.”

Hopefully the dispute is sorted out as soon as possible and in the best manner possible. The season starts soon, and Rafa is hoping to start the season off with positivity. Something the club is in dire need of.