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CHN Radio Episode 7: Atsu is a Doping Kingpin, Arsenal ain’t Scary, and Mike is Up to Something

Fact: Mike Ashley eats fried barnacles

He is so small.

Episode 7 is a wonderful piece of listening for that early morning commute! We talk about all of the Newcastle players who went on International duty (including the one who may or may not have been doping), we look at tomorrow’s match against Arsenal, and we talk about the latest news surrounding Mike Ashley.

As always give it a listen, subscribe, and reach out! We are also on Apple podcasts, so be sure to subscribe and give us 5 stars! You can tweet us at @ComingHomeNUFC, use the hashtag #CHNRadio, and also feel free to email us your questions at

We look forward to talking with you. Howay the Lads!