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United We Are Stronger

A review of The Magpie Group meeting.

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Last night The Magpie Group held an open meeting. The turn out for the meeting was good, with around 250 people in attendance.

The key message that was put across was that, if individuals and different fan groups get together,zx a lot more can be achieved. It is time for change at Newcastle United, Mike Ashley has sucked the life out of the club for far too long. The Magpie Group are doing their bit to unite all Newcastle United fans, not only do they all have the love of the club in common, they also want change.

The meeting was well organised with some very interesting points made. There was talk of getting former players involved, a question was asked whether the group would be contacting Kevin Keegan in the near future. Talk of a boycott was also raised, boycotting a televised game would have a huge impact. For the moment though, the consensus is that Rafa Benitez has asked for support and that’s what he will get.

There will be a protest outside the club shop before the Arsenal game on the 15th of September. More details will be released by The Magpie Group nearer the time.

The club is at real risk of losing a world class manager in Rafa Benitez, a man who has galvanized the city. If Benitez does depart the club at the end of the season, the club will suffer terribly once again. Benitez brings hope to Newcastle United.

Before Mike Ashley, Newcastle United were a top six club.
Under his so called ownership:

  • The club has suffered two relegations.
  • Ashley has free advertising of his beloved Sports Direct plastered all over St James’ Park.
  • The stadium itself is in dire need of a good clean and maintenance.
  • Renamed St James’ Park, the Sports Direct Arena.
  • Treatment of Keegan, Gutierrez, Hughton, Shearer and now Benitez was/is nothing short of appalling.
  • Continuously fails to invest in the squad.
  • Training ground facilities and academy are mediocre at best.

The points listed above are just a few of the poor decisions Mike Ashley has made during his time at the club. This needs to change.

Every single fan has a role to play. The narrative is starting to change because of the work fans have done. The media and fans from other clubs are starting to see that Mike Ashley is a cancer to Newcastle United.

It’s been said many times, if a new owner comes in with ambition and a desire to take the club forward, the sky really is the limit. The foundations are already in place, Newcastle United have a fantastic stadium, a world class manager and the most loyal and passionate fans in the country. All that’s needed is an owner that has the same desire as the fans, to improve and take the club forward.

There will be fans with the same ideas and others that don’t agree, that doesn’t mean they are wrong because they have a different opinion. The most important thing is that everyone comes together to get rid of Mike Ashley. Don’t knock other suggestions, instead come together and fight for the future of the club.

Follow The Magpie Group on Twitter: @TheMagpieGroup_

Like them on Facebook: @TheMagpieGroupNUFC

Visit their website:

If you have ideas/suggestions, get in contact with The Magpie Group.

Mike Ashley is only one man. We are a city.

We are United.