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Newcastle United have yet to make any progress on transfers

If they’re holding out for Almiron, they need to cut their losses and go somewhere else.

Adidas Unveils Newly Signed Maximilian Philipp
Adidas is cool, I guess.
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I get it, Miguel Almiron is an attractive prospect for the Premier League. Newcastle United had made him the guy they wanted in this transfer window. It would seem that scenario is increasingly unlikely, as it’s January 15th, and guess who remains at Atlanta United.

If Miguel Almiron is what’s holding the club back on making other transfer moves, it needs to end. The club has been linked with a handful of players, but nothing has been concrete as of yet. The only serious rumor that was flying around was about Almiron, and nothing else.

Newcastle had been linked to a move for out of favor Borussia Dortmund forward Maximilian Philipp. No news has given signs that the club have moved forward with their interest in the player.

And get this, Philipp would be another rental in a long line of players the club has loaned in but not purchased outright. And there are reasons for that which I’ll address later.

For success in a transfer window, you have to move fast. Slow and steady really does not win the race when it comes to the most cutthroat transfer window of the two. It’s only one month, not multiple. You have your targets and you make your move. You see what bids are accepted and what aren’t. You take a look at what prices you negotiate down and what players you can sell up.

The logic isn’t hard to understand, it’s basic fundamentals. But it seems that Newcastle United have lost their knowledge of that. Rafa has prepared every step of the way for this window. It would appear that Charnley and Ashley are yet to have acted on it.